Latrine and Well

As part of the BSF program, each beneficiary makes a small contribution to the cost of filter construction. These contributions are used by Clear Cambodia to provide latrines and wells to needy people in the community. Latrines are often provided to beneficiaries who use and maintain their filters properly (as judged by the regular monitoring visits). 

Assisting with Building Latrines

In most places in Cambodia the water table is very high and so latrines must be placed above ground using concrete rings. Clear Cambodia provides community members who would like to build latrines with information about how to build latrines (build far from any wells, build walls around the latrine, ensure it is high enough above the water table), concrete rings to raise the latrine above the ground, and designs for the walls. Villagers must then construct the latrines on their own.

Building Wells

When villagers request a well, and the situation warrants it, there must be a cluster of 5-20 families living close to each other in order to receive a dug well. Most situations need a ring well - a well that is constructed by digging a large hole and lining it with concrete rings. Rarely, if the requesting area requires a bore well (because the water table is very deep), and if there is separate donor support for wells, the provincial team will hire a contractor to drill the well. The contractor then drills and installs the well and teaches the Clear Cambodia staff members about how to run and maintain the well. Then the staff members teach the villagers how to care for the well.