Thav Sarum from Kompong Chhnang province

Name:              Thav Sarum

Age:                 35 years old

Occupation:    Farmer

Gender:           Female

Location:         Tuek Chenh village, Cheung Kreav commune, Rolea B’ier district, Kompong Chhnang province


Sarum and her husband, named Morn Sarin, 36 years old got 3 children. They are famers. Besides farming, they also wave buckets to earn income to support family’s living standard.

Sarum’s family has always used well water directly for all their water need. As the family was busy in farming and earning income and did not pay any attention to the quality of water, she has had urinary problem 2 to 3 times per month in 2014, thus she can’t work to earn money at all and conversely needs to spend from 50,000 riel to 70,000 riel (12.5$ to 17.5$ per treatment. That made the condition of living standard of the family became worse due to having not enough strength to work and expenditure on medical treatment.

She involved with Clear’s project in BSF and health promotion meeting on December 2014. Later, the family got a filter, numbed 21,998. In the meeting, she received messages regarding on health and sanitation good practice and using clean water. The anxiety and suffering of her and her family on health problem has gone especially her urinary problem disappeared. She addressed the filtered water is very important for her family’s water need.

“Now I am strong enough to do farming and to wave bucket. I can earn from 150.000 to 200.000 riel ($37.5 to 50$) more than I used to get 70.000 to 100.000 riel (17.5 to 25$) per month