Hun Theara from Prey Veng province

Name:              Hun Theara

Age:                 36 years old

Occupation:    Farmer

Gender:           Male

Location:         Boeng Veng village, Damrei Puon commune, Prey Veng district, Prey Veng province.


Theara and his 29 years old wife, namely Yi Sina having 2 sons and an old age mother live with them. Besides farming, the family also raise animal and grow vegetable for their living.

The source of water that his family’s use is from a borehole well which 45 meters deep. The well water is not clean. It is contaminated with iron color and muddy smell. Straight from the well, it is not drinkable. When it is stored in the jar for a period of time, there are some irony color stuffs floating on the surface of water. The family boils the water for drinking, but no regularly because of busyness. Sometimes, he and his family’s members drank well water directly from the jar that caused them getting diarrhea and abdominal pain more often, particularly his 6 years old son’s named, Horn Ranet. When his son got, Theara always brought his son to Ngor Huor clinic (a private clinic at Prey Veng Provincial town) that cost 200.000 riles (50$) per treatment. The doctor told him that, his son’s sickness was caused by unclean water and no sanitation. Hearing that, his family has tried to apply good health practice like eating good food, drinking clean water and so on.  Simultaneously with the family’s need of clean water, Clear Cambodia’s project arrived to his village. In April 2013, he got a BioSand water filter. He observed that the filtered water is clear, clean, and transparent that did not contain neither any irony color nor smelly (muddy smell) anymore. He has used this filter for more than 2 years and found that his son and family have been free from diarrhea. At that meantime, there have been 4 families who live nearby him always ask for filtered water from his family to use and drink. They are: 1) Mr. Khon Chhon’s family, a family having 5 members, 2)Mrs. On Kim Eang, a family of 4 members; 3) Mrs. Hun Pum, a family of 3 members and 4) Mr. Orb Mak a family of 5 members.  They trust the filtered water as clean after they have seen Mr. Theara’s family used it with health improvement. Theara said,” Those 4 families believe the quality of filtered water that is good and clean; they feel sorry of not getting the filters while Clear’s project was implementing in the village.” “ The families that the filter with my family, now, they are free from diarrhea and other sicknesses and they are pleased with the taste of filtered water and happy using filter with my famil,” Theara added.