Siem Korn from Tboung Khmum province

Name:           Siem Korn

Age:              43 years old

Occupation: Farmer   

Gender:        Male  

Location:      Prey Sralau village, Ampil Ta Pok commune, Ou Reang Ov district, Tboung Khmum province.  

Korn and his wife namely Ven Saruon, 44 years old are farmers and mushroom growers. They have got 2 daughters.

Before filter time, Korn’s family used water from an open well nearby for most of water need such as cooking, washing, and bathing. They bought water for drinking. Though, he bought water for drinking, his son, sometimes still got sick. Every time his son got sick, the family spent from 13$ to 25$ in order for treatment. That was   because of having not enough clean water to use. The cost of bottle water is $0, 75 per bottle. Within a month, his family bought 15 bottles of bottle water which cost $9.5. He said the family wasted time to go and buy water and to take care of anyone in the family who got sick. They did not have enough time as much as they need for mushroom growing. They could harvest around 15kg the most per day.  

Since he got a filter and used filtered water for about 7 months, he noticed that his family does not need to buy clean water because they have enough clean water from the filter for every water need and gains more time for business and growing mushroom.  Every day, his family can harvest from 30 to 35 kg of mushroom to sell which cost 0.74$ to 0.98 per Kilogram. The family’s income gained more and his son was healthier than before. 

“I do not need to spend money to buy drinking water anymore and my son does not get diarrhea since we have use filtered water and ‘I use the filtered water for every I water need;” Mrs. Saruon (Kan’s wife) said. In addition, she requested to Clear Cambodia to continue helping other people to have clean water using like her family too.