Sand Media

A Simple Technology

The Cambodian Government's rural water and sanitation strategy as part of the Millennium Development Goals involves the following:

- Improve safe water access from 24% in 1998 to 62% in 2015.
- Improve sanitation access from 9% in 1998 to 54% in 2011

Clear Cambodia has years of expertise with BioSand filters as well as experience working with community health education, a necessary component to making the technology successful. Clear Cambodia's BioSand filters provide a sustainable and low cost source of potable water to areas of Cambodia in which access to safe water had previously been extremely limited.

Clear Cambodia provides two filter options; the small concrete Household BioSand filter and the large Community BioSand filter. The Community BioSand filters have been installed at a number of schools in rural areas, benefiting thousands of school children who can access clean and portable water. The larger BioSand filter can purify between 350 liters per hour and requires minimal maintenance, which community members can conduct themselves. BioSand filters also provide extremely clean water and recent test demonstrated they can remove up to 99.6% of E.coli as well as many other bacteria.

Clear Cambodia has experience installing 94,000 filters that have impacted 574,000 beneficiaries in rural areas across nine provinces. Clear Cambodia is highly respected working with local government officials, community leaders and members, school officials As part of each project, Clear Cambodia also provides basic sanitation and hygiene information, insuring each community has the knowledge for a healthy lifestyle with a sustainable source of clean water.


When implanting a project, Clear Cambodia provides services to ensure that the BioSand filter's effectiveness is maximised in each school or community.

-School principals and teachers are initially trained on the appropriate use of the filter and the importance of maintenance.

-At least one teacher is trained specifically and assumes the role of trouble-shooter, for filter maintenance in their respective school.

-After filter installation, Clear Cambodia holds community health education trainings at all operational schools.

Additionally, follow-up meetings are conducted, ensuring that filter usage adheres to operating requirements.

-Project evaluation and technical assessments are continually conducted and have consistently provided positive results.

-The project's implementation is revised based on evaluation recommendations.


Each Community Filter costs $1,166, including with concrete support. A filter with steel support is $1,316. Both excluded water pumps.

The cost of a water pump will be added if the school does not have a pump system to draw water from the well to fill up the filter tank. Water pump vary in price: PVC Cambodian pump $50, bicycle pump $400, Thai produced pump $250, solar pumping motor $680. Clear Cambodia will install both pump and filter.